Thank you for taking the time to consider joining our team at Death & Co NYC. We couldn't be more excited to get to know you -- please answer the following questions. A member of our management team will reach out to you soon. Cheers! - Dave, Alex, Ravi

What do your friends call you? *

Learning is incredibly important to us. 

Tell us what you would like to learn more about and what inspires you. *

It's great that you can bus a full table, pull together seemingly disparate flavors into a cohesive dish or cocktail, or remember every name and order from your guests - but what are your other loves or talents?

Do you spend your time coding, designing, taking photos, practicing dance, training dogs, playing an instrument?

What hobbies do you find yourself throwing passion into? *

Tell a bit about your favorite job or job experience you ever had.

What was / is it called? *

Tell us about the most memorable shift or experience there. *

What did you bring to the workplace there and what did it offer that has made it so memorable? *

Out of all the incredible spots to work, what drew you to Death & Co NYC? *

How long would you plan on working in our company? *

What position are you most interested in applying for? *

Are you willing to work other positions than the one you are applying for?  If yes, what would you be open to?

Tell us three other employers (company name and city they are based) that you admire and would love to work for. *

Life is busy! What other key commitments do you have in your life right now? *

You're almost there!  Last but not least, tell us one personal goal, one career or business goal, and one family or community goal that you want to accomplish in the next three years.

We want to hear about all three - 1 Personal, 1 Career, and 1 Family or Community Goal
Please upload your resume.  Make sure that it includes what position you are applying for, your contact information, and at least two recent references that we can contact.  Thank you so much!! *

Thank you!  We look forward to meeting and sharing a zombie punch bowl with you soon!
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